In the spring of 2013, a high school math teacher had his students experiment with the MathPiper experimental step-by-step equation solver. Here is what they thought about it:

  1. I think that it shows finding the value of 'x' quite well because it takes us through the order of operations without having us to memorize PEMDAS. Basically, it makes solving an equation more clear.
  2. It all makes sense.
  3. I think it is smart that it shows the steps and it all makes sense. I think that this is a very effective way to solve equations. The tree diagram clearly demonstrates the relationship between the equation and illustrates a clear understanding of the steps in the process.
  4. How do you do this?
  5. This is really neat! I enjoy the fact that the various operations are not only expressed visually with the tree, but also expressed in words.
  6. This shows step by steps how to create a tree. It has great explanation and images that make it easier for one to understand the concept. I found it very helpful and clever.
  7. I actually think its helpful because its shows the equation mapped out on the tree. Rather then it just being numbers, its a visual to help you understand the equation.
  8. I personally do not think this is a good way to show the function.The problem here is that the + and c together makes people think that you are adding C.
  9. It was very cool, it shows that he has been actively working on this project, keep up the good work.
  10. Very cool!
  11. It is a lot more self-explanatory now. Before, I needed your guidance to really understand it, but now it is very clear.
  12. I think this makes sense and i like what he did with this. I think that it is beneficial because the tree is helpful. The tree shows the relationship and details of the equations.
  13. I think the way the expression trees are explained is just a bit confusing. your moving in the right direction, it is getter better and better each revision. I think that it is pretty cool that this will actually show you what to do and how to get the answer instead of just handing you the answer.
  14. Automate the solve equation process if it's not so already. Still great piece of software. I think this is interesting... Of course, I still find it easiest to do in your head, But I like that this shows the order in which to do things. It is very clear: start at the top of the tree and move down.